11-M Madrid Bombing trials

Well the results from the March 11 bombing trials have been delivered today. I got a train out of  Atocha 2.5 minutes before the following train exploded coming into my platform. “Fortunately” the bombs went off just before the train entered the cattle-market that is the train station at that time of the day. Students of the company where I was teaching in Tres Cantos were on some of those trains that were blown up and that day and the days and weeks that followed were completely surreal. I was living in Lavapiés and the world’s press and secret service agents were virtually camping outside my door. I had lived the IRA campaigns as a school kid but this was far bigger and on my doorstep and watching the events unravel was one of the strangest times of life. I had to get back on those trains the following week and like many others, I didn’t have a happy ride. 

What has been disgusting since the very first day is what the PP (Partido Popular) tried to do with the event. Knowing that the elections were only days away, they emerged chanting their mantra that ETA did it. I have long been of the opinion that ALL politicians are lying, cheating , coniving hypocrites but the things the PP did those days and have continued to do right up today beggar belief. Even today, they and their followers continue to insist that ETA are responsible. There are days when I just can’t believe what human beings are capable of, despite all the evidence. March 11th 2004 was one, and today is another.

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