Navidad, dulce Navidad [6] Caga Tió


Well you may be asking yourself, “What on earth is that?”.

That is the Tió, a log wrapped in a blanket which is fed from the Day of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th (a public holiday of course) until Christmas Eve when children beat it with a stick, singing a song which demands that it shits presents. All par for the course in Catalonia where nens (kids) have apparently been beating the shit out of logs for centuries, as this picture demonstrates:


The youngsters of Aragón also like to give the hapless smiling tió a bit of stick as well but round here it’s known as the tronca.

For the scatological amongst you, here’s the charming song:


Caga Tió – Caga Tió- Shit Tió
ametlles i torró -almendras y turrón- almonds & turrón
no caguis arangades -no cagues arenques- don’t shit herrings
que són massa salades -que son demasiado salados- because they’re too salty
caga torrons -caga turrones- shit turrons
que són més bons -que están más buenos- which are much nicer
Caga Tió – Caga Tió – Shit Tió
ametlles i torró -almendras y turrón- almonds & turrón
si no vols cagar -si no quieres cagar- if you don’t want to shit
et donaré un cop de bastó -te daré un golpe de bastón- I’ll beat you with a stick
Caga Tió! – ¡Caga Tió! – Shit Tió!

More info here


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