Feliz año nuevo – resolutions to really better your Spanish in 2008

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Here in Spain today is the day when people wake up to their New Years Resolutions. Behind them are the 12 grapes at midnight, the cava and the lucky red underwear and today the list is staring at them, invariably repeating the good intentions of last year:

  • stop smoking
  • go to the gym/lose weight/eat better
  • learn English

I suspect that many of our readers have made a similar intention to really learn/improve Spanish in 2008, so this week I’m going to be giving some tips on how to do that.


Decide why you want to speak better Spanish. You need an objective to get you through those times when motivation is low. Many people want to be able to communicate better on holiday. Others want to move to a Spanish speaking country to have a better life. The important thing is to set the goal and think about the best way to achieve it.

Tomorrow we’ll look at another important resolution for your Spanish learning in 2008.

Hasta mañana 🙂


One thought on “Feliz año nuevo – resolutions to really better your Spanish in 2008

  1. Ha,ha, I didn’t know that losing weight/going to the gym was a common resolution in Spain. The gym where I go in Madrid is a nice public facility owned and operated by the city of Madrid and yet it typically isn’t crowded. Best time to go, in fact, is Saturday mornings. It’s usually me and only one or two other people with a gymful of equipment. Heaven.

    Part of the reason why people fail at this resolution is because the gyms aren’t open very early in the mornings (like at 6 a.m.) or stay open late at night (like until 11 p.m.) and aren’t open on Sundays. So much for keeping the “I shall get in shape” resolution in Spain.

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