2008 plans from freezing Spain


Here we are hunkered down in frozen Spain – the photo above is for all of you who think of Spain only as the land of sun. This is the fountain in our village square in Alcampell yesterday, a day when the maximum temperature was -1º.

New Years Day 2008 – a year we’ve got a lot of plans for. I must apologize for the recent lack of podcasts but our son has been ill for the whole Christmas period and we’ve just been involved in that. I kept this blog updated as much as possible and one thing we’ve noticed is that the recipes and food articles we’ve published have been very popular so slow Spain now has a sister site, spanish sauce, where you’ll find bilingual recipes and all things related to food & drink in Spain.

Yesterday we published the first of our “resolutions” for Spanish learners and this year we’ll be giving plenty of advice on how to better your language as well featuring useful resources. You can find many of these in the slow Spain toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox which can be downloaded for free at http://slowspaines.OurToolbar.com and a short video on how to install & use it can be found here

Wherever you live, the Christmas festivities are probably over but in Spain the most important day is yet to come – January 6th, the Kings Day. Until fairly recently this was the day when everybody received their presents and Christmas day was a family gathering. To celebrate Kings Day we’ll be having a competition with two, 3 month subscriptions to LoMasTv as prizes – so look out for that in the next couple of days.

Thanks for visiting slow Spain in 2007, we hope we can really help you to better your Spanish in 2008.


3 thoughts on “2008 plans from freezing Spain

  1. This photo is positively goth. I half expected Johnny Depp or Tim Burton to come into the frame at any moment.

    Fab idea starting the food blog. My mouth is watering just looking at some of those photos. Yum, yum. 🙂

  2. Well you should see the rest of the photos…

    So what is your favourite Spanish food?

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