La vida entre un pueblo y una ciudad [8]

Nueve y media de la mañana.

Hacía años que no me levantaba a estas horas y creo que si no llega a ser per Ishmael que ha venido a despertarme para decirme si quería un café con leche, no me levanto.

Me he tomado dos cafés con leche seguidos, y por fin he conseguido despertarme. Me encantan los domingos en los que no tienes ningún compromiso y dispones de todo el tiempo para hacer lo que te apetezca.

Hemos pasado prácticamente toda la mañana en el patio, el sol calentaba lo suficiente para ponerme el bikini y tomar el sol. Me siento llena de energía.

Voy a repasar los apuntes de catalán, mañana tengo clase y la fecha del examen ya se acerca.

¡Hasta pronto! 🙂




I was going to write a post like this in the New Year but today something happened to bring it forward.
This morning as I was looking at the statistics about the visitors to this site, I saw that one was a referral from a page. As a professional translator I was not surprised by how bad the translation is. Here are a couple of examples:

As you can see the first example has changed the meaning entirely from “on life in slow spain” to “about the slowness of life in Spain” as well as translating the title. The second example has taken this further and translated the words “Thansgiving Day” thus making the entry useless and the has used the word “store” as a verb instead of as a noun.

What’s all this got to do with the aforementioned crossroads?
Well this site and the podcast take up quite a lot of time and to really make this into a fantastic service we would have to dedicate much more time to it – which is what we want to do as both Ana and I really enjoy creating slow spain. Of course the problem is the day job – Ana is a civil servant and I am a freelance English teacher and translator. Together we also do translations from English to Spanish or Catalan and Ana translates from Spanish to Catalan or vice versa. We also do proof reading and editing in all three languages. We are also working on “Montse guitar sessions” and sometimes do voice-over work.

To try to dedicate more time to slow spain we are looking for ways to “monetize”. Recently we have recorded some phrases for another blog (more to come on this) and I am writing some articles on Spain for some other blogs as well.So I want to offer our services to you our readers and listeners and also to ask if there are other things we should be doing? Maybe you would like us to do a beginners course? Then please get in touch by leaving a comment or though the contact page. Or maybe you would like to contract us to make a video in any or all of our three languages or help in setting up your own podcast. I am now doing a very specialised course for English learners, maybe you would be interested in the same for your Spanish? Another idea is a consultancy about life/legal matters in Spain both for people who live here and those who thinking about coming to make the country their home. From January, Ana will be doing “conversation classes” via skype and, as you can see from the examples above, if you need a translator it’s better not to use a machine, so please consider us.

We have reached a crossroads and we know which direction we want to go in – we would like your contributions also. Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about a project or idea we could help you with or if you find the slow spain podcast useful, you could simply leave us a “tip” via paypal.

¡Gracias! 🙂